Welcome to Genuinely Nourished! My name is Christina Surtees.
I am a certified Eating Psychology Coach.

I believe we can impact our health and subsequently our life
through the choices we make around what we put into our bodies.  

Perhaps you find you:

    • Spend a lot of time and energy thinking about food and eating?
    • Are confused about what to eat, finding meals a challenge?
    • Struggle with feeling badly about how your body looks, thinking if only I could lose X amount, then ….?
    • Start each day with hope and end each day with despair around food?
    • Feel your energy is not what it used to be?

Stress = Fat storing
No Stress = Fat burning

Your relationship with food and with your body is not just about what you eat.
Is is also about who you are as an eater:
what you think, what you feel, what you believe, what you bring to the table.

“A strong mind does not mean overriding the body’s natural wisdom.
It means understanding how the body works and having mind and body work together as a team. ”   
Tela O’Donnell

As an Eating Psychology Coach I can help you explore areas in your life which are preventing you from living a life full of health, a life where your energy is not being drained by conflict around eating, weight and food.
My approach is positive and empowering. I don’t see eating challenges as a sign that “something is wrong with you.” Instead, I see your challenges as the places where together we can more fully explore the personal dimensions in your life that impact your relationship with eating and health.
I would love you to feel genuinely nourished.

“Contrary to popular belief, more recent science shows you need to nourish yourself,
not neglect, (or punish, or self-hate) to manage weight for the long-term.”    Unknown

I work with client to help them (not all of these may be applicable to you):

    • Have a healthier relationship with their body and their weight
    • Maximize their energy by freeing the energy they have been using to control their eating so they can use it to find their life’s passion
    • Understand why they over-eat, binge eat or eat compulsively
    • improve their immunity
    • Improve their mood
    • Improve their digestion
    • Generally help them feel healthier and better

“Be present, not perfect”   Elle Luna

“Think with your whole body.”   Taisen Deshimaru